Faculty and staff in the Welch Center are committed to excellence in advanced learning, accessibility and flexibility for working adult students, and the use of assessment results to improve teaching, learning, and the student experience. Five overarching goals guide the assessment process in the graduate and professional programs, and all Student Learning Outcomes in those programs are linked to Goucher's five College Learning Outcomes: Analyze, Connect, Respect, Reflect, and Contribute.

体育投注网址Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes and Program Effectiveness in the Welch Center for Graduate and Professional Studies is guided by the Welch Center Assessment Plan and the Welch Center Assessment Committee. Assessment in the Welch Center is an annual process that employs the College's systematic process to review academic, professional, continuing education programs, and certificates using SLOs and program outcomes. The Center also conducts an assessment of effectiveness in the administrative assessment units annually, and in the academic programs on an eight-year cycle using key indicators and benchmarks. The following overarching goals guide the Welch Center’s assessment of effectiveness:

  • 体育投注网址Create diverse learning experiences and communities of practice that contribute to the advancement of our professions through collaborative leadership, a welcoming climate, and opportunities for local, national, and global participation.

  • 体育投注网址Promote an inclusive culture that values academic rigor, relevance to existing social systems, and the creation and application of knowledge and theory to informed practice.

  • 体育投注网址Foster learning experiences that apply theory to practice, promote professional and personal growth, and celebrate global perspectives.

  • Display proficiency in the discipline, an understanding of the complexities of professional practice, and the ability to construct meaningful solutions to complex problems.

  • Contribute to the profession by critically evaluating existing theory and understanding, creating new knowledge from current understanding, and applying transformative and culturally responsive professional practice to impact individuals, communities, organizations, and networks.